Lightroom 6 Upgrade

Posted By on May 23, 2015 | 0 comments

I recently upgraded to Lightroom 6 and have found the upgrade to a worthwhile purchase. Overall the performance appears to be better and they have added some nice new features. Two of the new features include a Panorama Maker and an HDR process. Neither of these is up to the levels of some of the more advanced stand-alones or plug-in addons but if you want to quickly perform one of the functions during your workflow they do work adequately and produce acceptable results.

There was a downside to the upgrade and that was an inability to export to my Onedrive folders. It turns out to make this work you need to seek out the installed copy of Lightroom.exe and right click the properties and under the compatibility tab select the works with Onedrive option.

I will do a further review as soon as I use it a bit more.