MX421 Picture Process

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Good Morning,

I have posted the pictures from last Saturday and am in the process of putting together the selection and purchasing method. Selling pictures this way is a little different than the rest of my business which is by the job, not by the picture so my site is not set up to make this efficient – working on it but for the next couple of weeks we need to use what I consider a a less than optimum set-up.

For MX421 Pictures – proceed to the picture area by selecting the event portfolio menu – select the MX421 xx-xx-xx (date) gallery. I have broken down the day into several sections and labeled the JRs – unfortunately I should have noted the classes for the others but I did not so you can check each for shots that you might want.

When you open up the gallery it should be in preview mode so that you can see the pictures – you can select the pictures that you want by clicking on the pictures and a small square in the upper right hand corner should appear with a check in it. After you have finished selecting for that gallery – change the view to the list mode and note the numbers (you only need the numbers after MX412 mm-dd-yy **** that have checks by them should be between 1 and 1500 – these are the ones that you have selected for that gallery. Do this for each gallery and email me the numbers that you want to purchase. Galleries should be in chronological order for the day.

If it is a simple purchase that fits one of the three selections on the purchase menu you can proceed to do the purchase – if it looks more complicated – then let me know in the email and I will let you know how to proceed.

I apologize for this method and hope to have it remedied for the next time.

John McHugh